Why this Blog?

For some reason, I just thought sailing would be fun.  I took the ASA (American Sailing Association) 101 and 103 courses last year.  While challenging — and I still need to get used to the heeling process — I enjoyed it.  For weeks afterwards, all I wanted to read was about sailing, feeding what my family refers to as my mid-life crisis.  I remind my kids that they are my mid-life crisis.  Finally, I purchased a 17 foot boat, a Whip since I didn’t think anyone wanted to sail with me.  Well, lo and behold, they decided they liked it.  Thus began my search for a larger boat.

I settled on a great MacGregor 25 foot sailboat I purchased at the end of the season from CRAB: Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating.  CRAB exists to take sailors both able bodied and those with disabilities out to sail.  They receive boat donations, and use the proceeds from the sale of the boats to support their activities.  Our boat was one of the ones they had for sale, and this blog is a recounting of our adventures on the boat, whose name is Ilya.


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