Better News and Not so Good News

May 30, 2011

I’ll break precedence and give the better news first, since it is somewhat significant.  My wife and I went out on the boat today (Memorial Day) even though I suspect she wasn’t too keen on the idea.  When my daughter and I went out on Saturday I “discovered” the technique of using the bow lines to both help propel us into the water and to glide back effortlessly into the slip.  Well today, I used that method both going out and coming back and with only a slight exception on the way in, it was highly successful.  No muss, no fuss, and instead of having to back out of the channel from our slip as we did on Saturday, I was able to turn the boat and go right out. Hurray for me!

Unfortunately, this has been a day of a heat advisory in the afternoon, and since we didn’t get to the marina until after 11:00, we were I the middle of the heat wave.  Worse, there was almost no wind to speak of.  I tried deploying the jib several times, and almost went a full 360 degrees trying to find the wind, all to no avail.  I eventually put up the main as well, but still didn’t get much to happen, though raising the main with no snags or tangles in the halyard was kinda cool.

Eventually, when we lowered the main enough to motor in, my wife said “we could always just stay out here and read a book if we had one.”  Mind you, I had a book with me, but the sun was just punishing on me and I just didn’t feel like reading and sweating so much at the same time.

Again, no bonehead moves, though I got a little testy at some point toward here as well got back into the slip, but it may not have even been noticed.

Not a great day out, but I do believe I’m getting better at the whole docking thing.  I also think I need to change the attachment of the book to the backstay, as the shackle (or shackle-type thing) is a little difficult to open and close while underway, and without a boomkicker or something else, the boom just won’t stay horizontal if not attached to the backstay.

I think some new boat device is in my future….


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