Tantalus Comes a Calling

Part One

June 18, 2011

You do remember Tantalus, don’t you?  In Greek mythology, Tantalus was condemned to stand in a pool of water under a fruit tree.  Whenever he reached for the fruit, it went beyond his grasp; when he bent to drink the water, the water receded before he could drink.  Well, that’s the way the wind was treating me today.


There may be nothing worse than getting yourself out to the marina only to find that the 5 knot winds have pretty much stopped for the day.  I got there by about 9 to have a couple of hours or so out by myself before my wife and daughter left for volleyball camp, but other than listening to Car Talk while running (more like crawling) with the wind on the way back to the marina, I didn’t get going much.  I did head out farther than ever before toward the bay, hoping that the wind might be stronger there.  Also, I saw several sailboats out there, though the only ones that seemed to be moving had spinnakers.  Since I don’t have a spinnaker, nor am I yet using a whisker pole, I decided not to go that far out.  And once I got in (yeah, I shouldn’t try to use just the engine to back in — using the bow lines is much smarter) I was just drenched and parched.  My hope is to rope my son to go out with me once I’ve gotten showered and spent some time at our county’s Juneteenth celebration.


Tantalus Comes a’Calling Part Two

June 18, 2011


Well, I made this deal with my son:  since he just got his learner’s permit, I told him when I returned from Juneteenth, we would go driving at a local middle school parking lot, then head to the marina to go sailing — in other words, everybody wins.  (Juneteenth, by the way, was great, except the key in which we sang “Life Ev’ry Voice and Sing” was about 3-4 steps too high.  I hoped to go back for some jerk goat to eat afterwards by my son was hooked on Long John Silvers.)


We did head out on the water, and actually picked up a few puffs, and tacked, though rather sloppily.  We also had those father and son chats along the way that can make sailing so much fun for me.  All in all, I can’t say we won, but I can say it wasn’t a total disaster, as Tantalus Part one seemed to be.


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