Getting Ready to Meet Irene

August 25, 2011


So what do you do to secure your boat for a hurricane?  The best option is to take the boat out of the water and secure it safely as high up and far from the water as possible.  For those like me who can’t take their boats out and are staying in a marina, you have to ensure that your lines are secure and strong (and with little or no chafing.)  At first, I loosened the lines so the boat could rise if necessary with the water, yet still not hit the dock nor go out into the fairway.  You also need to remove everything from the deck, and take off the sails, if possible.


So, once the kids were at school on Thursday morning, I took a number of new dock lines and attached them, loosened the dock lines, took off the mainsail, and installed two more fenders, one of the bow and one on the dock at the stern.  This seemed pretty good to me — until the marina owner returned my call and said that I definitely should not loosen the dock lines and in fact I should both tighten and if possible, double them.  Heeding his advice, I returned to the marina, and tightened all the lines, stern, bow and toward the pier.  I really didn’t know what else to do.  Here’s hoping it’s enough — I’ve kind of gotten fond of Ilya.



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