Necessity is the mother, right?

August 19, 2011


Now what I was thinking as I went back home after having no time on the water on August 12 is: how can I jury-rig a solution to this problem of controlling the tiller.  I figured if I could attach the boat tiller to the tiller of the engine, I could move the boat tiller and at the same time, move the engine tiller for double the turning power!  Genius, I know.  So, I went to the marina, measured the distance between the two tillers (27 inches) and figured out I had to make cut outs on the end to accommodate the two tillers.  The idea was to make the cutouts, then drill holes toward the ends into which I could put those bungee cords with a loop on one end and a plastic ball on the other end that could be wrapped around the tillers keeping them secure.  So I set out to do just that.


At home, I found an old piece of molding that was perhaps 36 inches or so long, and I was able to cut that easily.  Cutting out the areas so the device would hug the tillers was more difficult.  I do have a hand held jigsaw, though my lack of general “handiness” came through as I kind of “munched up” the ends.  But, I cut them out and figured I could always use duct tape to mask the poor cutting job.  Drilling the holes was easy, except that I needed to purchase a larger drill bit — no big deal.  And finally, I completed the genius device which is pictured below:



Tomorrow, I get to try it out!


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