Say What?

August 12, 2011


Well this day turned out to be an unmitigated disaster.  After spending a rather pleasant week or so visiting friends in Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.  We finally returned to our home in Maryland.  One of the first things I wanted to do was to go sailing and I was perfectly happy to do it by myself.


However, when I got to the boat, I found a problem: the lever to loosen the engine so it would swivel from left to right (enabling you to get more turning power, which is really important getting into and out of a slip or fairway) was broken.  This meant not that the engine wouldn’t swivel from side to side, rather, it wouldn’t stay in one position, which isn’t what I wanted either.


I tried over and over to figure out how to secure the lever, and I think I finally determined which pieces might be out of whack.  What I can’t figure out was how it might have happened.  One disk-type thing the lever either rides on or under was bent in a way that I think has to be wrong, and I can only imagine that the engine or lever might have been slammed into the dock which bent the disk-type thing.   Here’s a picture:


So, I decided the thing to do was an easy thing: go to the marina up the road and buy or order the parts I needed.  I called to find out when they closed, and started out.  Once I got there, however, the first thing the lady asked me was “what’s your serial number?”  Mind you, I don’t know my serial number though I am considering getting it tattooed to my arm somewhere.  And by the time I would drive back to my marina to find out the serial number, the other marina would be closed.  I went there anyway, took pictures of the serial number, wrote it down, and decided to send it to multiple email addresses so I’ll be ready the next time.


Since I couldn’t get back to that other marina to order the part on Friday, I decided to order the part online, which I did eventually.  This was not the result I wanted on my first full day back from vacation.  And I still didn’t get back on the water using a simple solution I’ll share in an upcoming blog.




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