Now, Which Way Was I Going?

July 15, 2012


Since I has acted a little inappropriate and threw something of a fit on Saturday, my wife told me as I got up Sunday “It looks like it might be a good day to go sailing.”  I said a very quick thank you, ate breakfast, made sure my other obligations for the day were complete, and headed to the marina. 


Now, once there, I did a lot of good things.  For example, I took the time to figure out which lines to release first, last. etc.  Because of this, I first tightened the starboard bow line, then, once I released the spring lines, I released the starboard bowline and Ilya stayed within the pilings effortlessly.  It was one of the smoother exits I’ve had.  I got to the river easily and noticed the wind was heading almost directly toward the bay, which remains my Holy Grail.  I knew I didn’t want to run, since the wind wasn’t that strong, but I was able, over the course of time to go at a broad reach and jibe the boat over time to the bay.  It was actually a pleasant time. 


During the sail, I managed to jibe easily with both sails, and when the wind picked up, I was able to withstand the healing pretty well, and believe I’m getting better and better at it.  I did make it to the bay, yet at some time I knew I needed to get home so I could make the drive up to Frederick.  That’s when I realized my critical mistake for this day:  I should have headed into the wind and sailed toward the bridge rather than on a broad reach/ running toward the bay.  Because try as I might, I just could not tack on both sides of the wind all the way back to the marina.  I really tried and had the sails up for awhile, but the river just wasn’t big enough, and I wasn’t able to sail close enough to the wind to make it.  And I was now really far out from the marina.  But hey, I forgot, just what did I name our 9.9 Mercury Bigfoot outboard?  Hercules!  And I’d never really opened up this little engine — until today.  Hercules started humming and moving me ahead faster than I’d ever gone under power.  And while it wasn’t anything impressive compared to the feeling of sailing with the wind, I really got back in much less time than usual, without even the slightest bad sound from the engine.  I only wish I had some way of measuring my speed.


In the future, I need to consider sailing around the bridge.  Lots of people do it and it gives another view of the scenery while sailing, and probably would have been worth it today.  Next time the wind blows toward the bay….


Backing into the slip was a piece of cake.  That part was a clear win.



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