4-5 MPH Winds? Perfect!

Really? Well, yes. Given that I haven’t been out on a boat as skipper or as a single hander in almost 2 years, 4-5 mph winds was just about right. I took off from the marina and headed out in light winds, hoping as always to navigate down the river to the bay then play with the wind. Most things went smoothly, and because of the light winds, I was able to fix a fouled mainsheet while sailing back and forth between Solomons and NAS PAX. Mind you, this can get a little boring, though I certainly didn’t want something more treacherous that taxed my out of practice sailing technique.

One larger sailboat was on the opposite tack from me and seemed to be going an awful lot faster than I was, so, I switched to follow them, and really got going. According to the ASA app on my phone, I was peaking at 4.86 knots, or 5.6 MPH, though since the app only noted 4.86 knots or 4.37 knots, or a couple of other specific speeds, it may not have been particularly accurate. It was kinda nice feeling the boat heel (a little) and take off with a puff of wind.

Coming back into the marina, Hercules shifted from forward to reverse flawlessly, and I backed down the fairway and into the skip, where I accepted the assistance of a fellow sailor who grabbed the starboard rail so I could kill the engine and just glide to a smooth stop.

I’d count it as a great first sail for the season.


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