August 5, 2015

Thanks to this blog and a half decent memory, I remembered to keep the mainsail reefed to begin sailing today. Winds were somewhere around 8-10 miles per hour, so I decided I could always shake out the reef if necessary. It was only when I was safely out on the river and raised the sail that I noticed that I had improperly rigged the reefing line. The line is supposed to go through the reinforced hole in the luff of the sail then eventually back to the cleat. However, I had neglected to use that hole at all. Mind you, it still worked, though not as efficiently as it should have. And it looked really bad while I was sailing.

Also, when I lowered the sail, I saw that the reefing knots I tied in the individual lines had been loosened by the wind pressure. I’ll need to figure out how to run the line properly before my next time out.

The time on the water was really nice. I got up to 6.2 mph, which is around 5.38 knots. I don’t think this is fastest I’ve ever sailed alone, but it is the fastest I’ve sailed when I could measure the speed. Theoretical hull speed for my boat is 7.38 mph, or 6.43 knots. So, not the fastest I could have gone, but close. And that was what a reefed main and only partially deployed genoa. Other boats on the water had the full sails up, but again, I’m gonna do this my way and comfortably. And having watched one particular boat, I’m not convinced he was that much faster than I was.

In any case, it was very a relaxing and kind of lazy sail, especially when the wind slowed and I was only going 3.5 – 4 mph. And did I get to the bay? Not really, and it really didn’t matter.

It was really fun goin’ back and forth fast, though….


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