Bang the Mast Slowly

August 8, 2015

Well, I finally went back to the boat and decided to be more aggressive when trying to close the slot in the mast for either a bolt rope or slugs. The conventional wisdom says to use a hammer and a wooden block — the wooden block helps to spread the force of the hammer blow so it won’t unduly damage the mast. I tried that with a variation — I used a rubber mallet and the wooden block. And while this did close the mast somewhat, it didn’t have the effect I wanted.

So, I went back to the boat and tried doing it with the rubber mallet hitting the mast directly. A risk, but I was willing to take it. It worked! So well that while I could still install the slugs, I couldn’t install the sail stop, but I just widened one part of the slot enough to accept the sail stop, and I was done. Now, I have to find some kind of pin that will prevent the slugs from dropping out then remove the stop, and I should be done.

I hope this works as well for me as it has for other people.


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