Wind and Powerboaters

August 9, 2015

Moral of the story first: never go sailing (okay, try to seldom go sailing) when you’re on a schedule. I headed out to the river at around 9:00 am, and was surprised by how serene it was. The water was almost like glass, and there were very few boats out. I thought: this is the perfect time to head out. Why do I always go out in the late afternoon?

Of course, with all that serenity and steady water came the very low winds which would plague me the whole time I was out. Never mind that I also realized my fuel was low and I needed to head to the Calvert Marina to get more — that was really a pain.

Beyond that, I still struggled with the wind, though I got a few nice puffs. The greater hassle was that as it got closer to noonish, all the powerboaters came out, and unfortunately, the nicer powerboaters stayed in, while only the jerks were out. Do they really have to race each other when they see a bunch of sailboats trying not to capsize from their powerboat wakes? They must think so.

The biggest realization was that I could have easily stayed longer and taken advantage of the building winds, but I wanted to see my daughter in a 6 v 6 tournament at her volleyball camp. Which just reminded me that having a schedule when you’re trying to enjoy time on the water may not be the best thing.


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