Surprise, Surprise

August 15, 2015

Yeah, I was surprised. The winds didn’t suggest anything particularly great, and we (my wife, a long time friend and I) got a later start that I would have liked. I was still reefed (Capt. Reef will never die) and headed out with only the expectation that there was at least some wind so it would likely be a whole lot better than my no-wind sail on Thursday, August 13.

Well, the wind was good enough for a lot of back and forth runs across the river, and we were able to handle several annoying powerboaters who kept taunting us with their wakes. We also encountered a really nice powerboater who slowed down long before and after going by us, then sped up. I wish I got the name of his boat to include here.

We — actually it was me, since I was doing pretty much all of the work — eventually shook out the reef and got up to about 5 mph (about 4.4 knots), and while not fast, certainly felt pretty nice. While sailing, we saw two ospreys carrying fish they had just captured, and saw a cormorant on a large metal float. We almost got to the bay, but just then the wind died, so we turned around and headed back to the river. At some point, some of the motion got to my wife, so we started back to the marina in earnest.

Today was good practice in figuring out how to take multiple people out on the boat, since I have promised several of my students that I would take them out. Learning how to sail the boat with more people on board — and finding things they can do to help — is always tough for me. But, today was definitely a good day and a step in the right direction.


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