Apparent Wind

August 21, 2015

Boy, did the whole apparent wind thing finally make sense to me. My wife and I went out in the afternoon after what were supposed to be high winds, but actually seemed to be more like 8-ish. Not really high, but the current was particularly strong.

It was really strange in that we had decent wind, and seemed to be heeling quite nicely, yet were making almost no headway against the wind. And, just when we got going, the current kept pushing us toward a shore. This only happened about 8 times while were out. And to say that this was annoying would be a gross understatement. Still, we persevered, and made some progress toward the bay and also played within the river, which required tacking several times. The following day, I discovered something I hadn’t really focused on before: the fact that my wife thought I was annoyed at her because I kept asking her to change sides in the boat. She hadn’t quite realized that I was moving from side to side also as we changed headings. It just brings to mind the need to communicate things that are in many way instinctive for people who sail a lot.

Apparently, not everybody “gets it” without explanation. Something to think about.


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