First Time Was the Charm

June 5, 2016

The first time out is seldom great for me.  I only decided to go out because I knew I couldn’t on Sunday.  Actually, I got to the marina and had lots of annoying things happen.  First, I couldn’t get one of the carts to take my mainsail, PFDs, and other stuff to Ilya until the chatterbox who couldn’t put his phone down came back.  To be fair, he may have been on the phone constantly, but he brought back the cart as soon as he used it.  Once I got everything to Ilya and opened the cabin, I found lots of water in the cabin and bilge.  Kind of makes sense given the crazy rain we’ve had in April and May, but probably about 15-20 gallons of manual bilge pumping (and sweating) later, it was dry enough.  I got the mainsail onto the boom, and even installed the reefing line before deciding — hey, I could actually go out, you know.  So, I did.


Of course, I had the main reefed as I went out and thought it would be just fine, and it was.  About 15 minutes after raising the main and deploying the Genoa, the wind just died.  I decided to ghost along and listen to Car Talk and just play with the barely existent wind.  The show was great and about 20 minutes in, I raised the full main, deployed the rest of the Genoa, and the wind picked up — I mean really picked up and I was hightailing it to the Bay.  Another 20 minutes or so later, I passed Drum Point and eventually rode the last of the wind until I turned around 180 degrees and headed back toward the marina.  I was trying to sail into the marina, but the wind died down and I was able to lower the main about half a nautical mile or less from the breakwater.


On the way in Hercules performed flawlessly taking us easily into the slip.  A little extra fumbling with and adjusting lines and I was home free.


Yes, at least today the first time was the charm….


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