What is it About Drum Point?

June 7, 2016


I wasn’t sure what to expect today, given that the winds seemed a little light.  Well, they were really light for much of the sail, only building toward the middle.  My thought was just to enjoy what I had.


Starting out from the marina, I raised the main, then eventually shook it out and deployed the full Genoa as I turned toward the wind.  I got moving on a beam reach that seemed to be bringing me directly to the bay.  Looks were deceiving, as the wind died down on several occasions, and I was forced to ghost along.  I’m actually appreciating the ghosting process, because I am sitting on the leeward side and able to see the Genoa telltales a lot better.  This also points out the fact that I don’t have telltales on the main, and really need them to help with sail trim.  (How can you really tell when the main is luffing or not quite luffing?)


My patience as rewarded during several cycles when the wind built and I really enjoy moving along quickly.  It was rather odd seeing so many boats coming in as I was trying to go out, but I didn’t pay it any mind.  On the other hand, I did notice the dark cloud, but still didn’t think it would end up as rain on me.


After a few tacks, I headed out more strongly toward the bay, with the wind eventually slowing down as I got perhaps a quarter mile past Drum Point.  That’s when the rain started, and I decided to sail back to the marina.  Of course, by this time, the wind had changed, so  has heading directly into it, and there really wasn’t the ability to tack, so Hercules had to take over.  The engine performed smoothly and flawlessly, and I ended up motoring for about 30-40 minutes.


Not the end I wanted for a day of sailing, but what’s that they say about a bad day on the water being better than a good day at work?


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