Weather You Do or Weather You Don’t

June 14, 2016


I could also have entitled this “Patience is Still a Virtue,” referring to the need to wait and let things happen.  Specifically, I got the marina at around 4:00 pm after deciding to leave early from work, expecting to spend a nice time on the water.  When I got to the slip, I discovered that the boat was rocking a bit up and down, and seemed to be straining at the lines — a sure sign that I probably shouldn’t go out.  After all, if the water is this lively in the marina, how is it going to be on the river/ bay?  I measured the wind and found it to be okay (5-10 mph), so I threw caution to the wind, and went out anyway — once again getting out of the slip in a very sloppy fashion.


Once I got past the breakwater, I was still convinced it would not be a problem going out, though I continued to measure the wind just to be sure.  Since it only topped off at 10, I still felt okay.  Then I looked and saw that there were a couple of boats coming in but nobody else going out. The water wasn’t as rough as the previous Friday, and I hemmed and hawed for about 5 minutes before finally deciding to head back in.  Immediately after deciding this, I also decided I was a wuss, a feeling I took home with me to the family.


I sat at home and had dinner, then eventually returned to the marina at around 6:00, ostensibly to “check on conditions,” — a euphemism for ”see if I can go out now.”  Ilya and I had a nice easy but rather brief sail in around 7-6 mph of wind, which unfortunately had to be shortened so I wouldn’t be returning to the marina in the dark.


The simple morals are two: first, if I had just waited at the marina in the slip for about an hour, reading a book, magazine or reading something on Kindle, I could have headed out as soon as the water calmed down, and gotten at least another 45 minutes out of the experience.


The second moral is to make sure I check the weather in greater detail, including tides and the NOAA on radio report so I know when to head to the marina in the first place.


Takes me awhile to learn simple stuff….


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