Patience, Young Grasshopper

June 25, 2016


My wife and I went out again today.  I have decided that what she really wants in a boat, and I tend to think it would be a pontoon boat, which I have no interest in having or playing with.  I prefer to play with the wind in my little sailboat as challenging as that can be.  Today was no exception.  We exited the marina under what I thought was a decent though light wind — 5-6 mph, and raised the main easily once past the breakwater.  We saw another boat out in the same area as well, and I decided to kill the engine and just go.  The only problem was that we didn’t go, and that didn’t go lasted about a half hour until I decided to motor toward the bay, since I saw other boats actually sailing near there.  Of course, once we got near them, I noticed that two of the boats were flying spinnakers — not a good sign for a boat without one and trying to sail in the same area.  Having said that, I decided to use something I have little of — patience.


Patience allowed us to ghost through a pleasant thought not exciting back and forth across the river, with nice tacks.  I even think we were going as quickly as a couple of boats flying the kites, so I felt pretty good about that.


One silly thing:  I kept measuring the wind as we were motoring toward the bay and say pretty healthy numbers, peaking at 6.4 mph, but when we slowed the engine to take advantage of that, the wind dropped to only 2.4.


Can anybody say “apparent wind?”


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