Much More Like It

June 26, 2016


I was determined to get out on the water and actually move, rather than ghost along.  Mind you, ghosting is a valuable and worthwhile thing, but most of us accept and embrace the pace of sailing because there are times when we really are moving.  In the words of Newport Newbie from California, it is the “low speed adrenalin rush” that keeps us coming back.  I mean, where else does moving at 7 miles an hour get one to smile?  So after a less than satisfying time yesterday, I headed back to the marina for a late afternoon sail.


I started off okay, no bonehead moves getting out of the slip, and I decided to raise the main in the protected water of the marina just to save time and because I knew there would be a lot less wave action.  That proved to be the case and not long after going past the breakwater, I was able to shift to sail versus engine power.  While that didn’t last at a high speed forever, since I’ve become accustomed to ghosting, I wasn’t too annoyed.  As I headed a bit toward the bay, the wind picked up several times, and I clocked a maximum speed of 5.4 knots, before my GPS kept turning off — probably because it needed new batteries.  This really ticked me off because after about 20 minutes of ghosting, I was able to catch several breezes and move along very nicely.  Clearly I wasn’t going to get the bay today (I almost kissed it before deciding to head back in) but I decided that really wasn’t the point after all.  On the other hand, I decided to try to sail into the marina, which took me somewhat closer to the marina, though in the clutches of several powerboats.  After a few tacks, I decided I was as close as I was going to get, so I hove to to lower the main — and it didn’t work.  I don’t know what I did wrong, but as the wind was still turning things around, I chose to pull in the Genoa and lower the main as best I could before turning on Hercules and heading in.


Once past the breakwater, I lowered the main and backed into the slip with very few problems.


Definitely a better experience than the day before the definitely worth it.


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