Timing is Everything

July 6, 2016


Got to the marina and was able to raise the main before leaving West Basin.  I also noticed a young guy taking Bay Break out as well.  That’s the boat that I just noticed a couple of weeks ago and is new at the marina, though the only time I saw them out was with three people rather than one.  I noticed that he was at full main, while I was still reefed.  We both headed out generally toward the bay, but I was trying to sail at a beam or close reach: he seemed to be close hauled.  And not only that, but he was just smoking me in getting out to the bay.


Eventually, I shook out my reef and deployed my full Genoa, and made better progress.  It was really fun, and I thought I might turn back at around 6:15, but I was having so much fun and making good progress, I stayed through about 6:30, even though Bay Break and another sailboat had already turned around.


That turned out to be the right decision on their part, since somewhere near the marker for Drum Point, the wind died.  This was during the Wednesday night races in the river which I was concerned I would interfere with, but that certainly didn’t happen.  I did try to change direction and sail back but to no avail, so I lowered the sails, closed almost everything up and motored about 30 minutes back in.  When I got there, Bay Break had already been tied up.


I wonder how he knew when to turn back?


Engine                         30 minutes

Sails                             Full, starting with one reef

Chop/ current              Mild

Wind                           Light, then none

Time                            4 hours


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