July 10, 2016


My wife and I were able to get Ilya moving out of the marina, though I still wasn’t very happy with the amount of chop in the river.  I thought about heading to the bay, but also realized that just sailing back and forth and watching my points of sail would be good practice.


As we sailed, we were able to heel to about 15 degrees comfortably, and I also realized that my wife is probably braver than I am, though perhaps that’s because generally I don’t panic.  If I don’t she won’t, which is probably a good thing.  I made the mistake of saying “I hope this works,” which didn’t make her very comfy, so I quickly corrected myself and maintained my cool.  That made those last maneuvers of heaving to and lowering the main tolerable by her.


It wasn’t a great day out, nor a crappy day, it was just “meh.”



Engine                                     30 minutes

Sails                                         Reefed; Genoa as small “storm jib”

Chop, current                          3 foot waves, medium current

Wind                                       Up to 8 mph

Time                                        3 hours


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