Full Sail

August 19, 2016


My sense is if you can’t get out sailing during the week, hit it hard during the weekend, which is exactly what I decided to do late Friday afternoon.  I always like to head out reefed and shake it out rather than find myself in heavier winds and have to put one in — it just seems easier to me.  However, because I don’t have a topping lift or Boomkicker, it can be challenging to put a reef one in as well, I need to work on those priorities for next season for my own safety and comfort.


This wind on Friday was light, so I shook out the reef and played with the wind for a while.  I couldn’t see getting to the bay, so I just played back and forth on the river, catching whatever puffs I could. It was very relaxing.  Of course, other boats did make it to the bay, but I decided to just enjoy what I had.


Engine:                        ½ hour

Sails:                            Full

Chop, current              Moderate, 1-2 feet

Wind                           Peaking at 6

Time                            3 hours



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