Back and Forth

September 4, 2016


A decent but not particularly exciting day on the water.  My objective as always, was to get myself to the bay, and while I thought it might happen, it became clear quickly that I was going to be relegated simply to going back and forth on the river.  The wind was blowing strangely, in such a way that I was trying to sail across the river smoothly, but the wind was pushing me ever so slightly toward the bridge.  It was cool to use the sails to make some things happen without using the iron wind.


As the wind built, and the powerboats continued coming out in huge numbers, I considered coming in, but then a couple of larger boats from the sailing club came, and I figured if they can come out, I can come out, so I stayed.


Later during the sail, the two club boats sailed close to the helicopter area, then whipped around toward the bay, and I decided to follow them and do the same thing.  Of course, I couldn’t do that, but I think that has as much to do with their boats being ketches, and with staysails that can probably help the boats sail closer to the wind.  As a less experienced sailor and one with a simple Bermuda rig, I couldn’t do it, though I had a good time anyway.


Engine                                     30 minutes

Sails                                        Reefed then full

Chop, current                          Moderate

Wind                                       Up to 8 knots

Time                                        3 hours



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