Its Own Virtue

September 7, 2016


Yeah, the patience thing, which is not one of my strengths.  I definitely had it in spades tonight.  My wife and I went out hoping to sail before the storm blew in.  The weather seemed a little dicey, though the wind was in some ways the opposite — a little light.  I didn’t even want to think about the bay, and know that when I ask my wife to shift from side to side on the boat, that she doesn’t like it.  So, back and forth would have to do.  Unfortunately, the wind kept dying on me.  I decide to use ghosting, where I sat on the leeward side to help the boat heel and thus increase its speed.


Eventually, my patience was rewarded and we had maybe three really quick sails forward and backward across the river.


I looked and started sailing upriver and think I might have been able to sail into the marina if we had another hour.  However, it was going to take a long time, and my wife wasn’t up for that much more time on the water.  It has been my goal to sail in specific directions via tacks and other measures to get where I want to go, but this was not the day it was going to work.  But, at least I have a better idea of how I might be able to sail into the marina someday.


We also found ourselves out and around the sailboat races.  Fortunately, they were racing near the bridge rather than closer to Drum Point.


Maybe next time I can get greater control over the destinations and points of sail….


Engine                                     40 minutes

Sails                                        Reefed main and mostly full Genoa

Chop, current                          Moderate

Wind                                       Up to 8 knots

Time                                        3 hours


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