Nope, Not Gonna Happen

September 23, 2016


I wasn’t sure about this from the beginning.  My hope was to head out for a few hours before heading to the county fair with my students.  Given the wind and the wave motion, I was antsy even before I left the slip.

Given my doubts, I decided not the raise the main in the west basin, and shortly after clearing the breakwater completely, I deployed the Genoa at about half way, and immediately, was pushed back toward the rocks.   Given that I had (also wisely) not turned off the engine, I simply turned more radically and went back in, though the process of getting through the breakwater was very difficult, and I still don’t understand what happened — or in this case didn’t happen.  After all, I had the engine at a nice rpm, and I didn’t think the current was that strong, but perhaps it was.

I also noticed some hesitation with Hercules as I lowered the rpm, which concerned me.

I was happy to park Ilya back in the slip.

Engine:                        ½ hour

Sails:                           Only Genoa for 2 Minutes

Chop, current              Medium current, with 1-2 feet chop

Wind                           Peaking at over 12



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