Sailing Back In

October 26, 2016


The sailing into the west basin wasn’t the primary feature of today’s sail, but it’s probably the only truly unique event.


I headed out at around 2:40 pm allowing myself to get out and back in prior to the sunset and cold weather.  I chose this day because it was probably the only day I could go out other than Sunday, plus other days the wind was going to be too high for me to sail.  As I went out — after having to start Hercules four or five times — I noticed that a couple of boats were coming in, and very few were out at all.  This always makes me nervous, so I decided I didn’t really need to hit the bay.  Actually, during my back and forth time toward Solomons, I was making good progress toward the bay, and probably could have made it perhaps 30 minutes later.  As I began making more and progress through my tacks, I noticed that another boat was heeling nicely and moving a bit faster than me — and it seemed to be sailing parallel to me but with a different direction of wind.  While that didn’t make sense, that what I thought was going on.


Today was also the time to try different points of sail.  Usually, I sail between a beam reach and close hauled, so today I thought I might sail in front of the marina by sailing at a broad reach.  It was actually fund, and one more illustration that I need to be conscious and more active in sailing on many different points of sail.  This latter point of sail, basically a broad reach took me close enough that I decided I would sail into the marina, and after a couple of tacks and a lot of patience, I made it!  Just as I was lined up perfectly I noticed one of the schooners from the sailing club, and it looked as though it was heading out which would have screwed me up incredibly.  Fortunately, they didn’t come to the breakwater, and I very slowly made my way in.


Once within the breakwater, I lowered and secured the sails as two Coast Guard boats looked at me quite curiously, but I wasn’t worried about safety given the low winds and control I had.


A quick start of Hercules (4 or 5 again) and I motored toward the fairway, and reversed without stalling into slip # C-27.


So second time sailing into the marina.


Engine                                     30 minutes

Sails                                         Main reefed, Genoa mostly full

Chop, current                          slow current; low chop

Wind                                       about 7 mph

Time                                        2.5 hours


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