Nice and Easy

May 19, 2017

First time out this year was nice.  I usually want the first day out to be simple since I tend to forget more than I remember during the winter months, and having a slight breeze rather than a big gust is the best way to start the season.

I headed out after work just to play and found Ilya as responsive as always, and all systems go.  I had originally intended to just sail back and forth in the river, but eventually thought about heading to the Bay.  Once I decided that, however, the way out became a tad more complicated.  Probably if I had intended to head that way at first, I could have made it out there completely.  On the other hand, I was able to sail right into the west basin, which was kind of fun, and found it quite easy to back into the slip with no trouble at all.

Engine                                     40 minutes-ish

Sails                                         Main reefed; Genoa mostly out

Chop, current                          Moderate

Wind                                       Low, about 7-8 mph

Time                                        2.5 hours


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