When Will I Learn Patience?

May 25, 2017

The simple truth, patience is not one of my virtues, which puts me at an odd disadvantage as a sailor.  I dashed from the office hoping to get on the water quickly, and got everything ready and out with no difficulty whatsoever.  As I motored away from the fairway and into the west basin, however, I noticed a lot more chop than I should have, and noticed that Hercules, my trusty outboard was sputtering.  Well, I still raised the reefed main and headed out to the river, but I had to gun Hercules, since if I let it go to idle, it stalled.  That should have been the clue not to go out, but I didn’t listen.

I did head out, and once I deployed the Genoa, I didn’t like the winds, which were much higher than I anticipated, so after about 30 minutes of fighting, I called it a day and headed back in — with an even wore sputtering outboard.  How I was able to back Ilya down the fairway and into the slip is beyond me, but I guess I’ve done it enough that I was able to pull it off without hitting anything in the process.

Can’t say I’m looking forward to the tow and taking it to the marina for repair but I didn’t pay for this slip for this season for nothing!

Engine                                     40 minutes

Sails                                        Main reefed; Genoa half out

Chop, current                          Moderate to high

Wind                                       12

Time                                       .75 hours



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