Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On

June 25, 2017

Well, maybe I should have gone out on Saturday instead of Sunday.  I mean, the weather report said there would be high (okay, 14 mph, which is high for me to start sailing) both days, so I was perfectly happy to stay around the house on Saturday.  But I thought it might be just fine on Sunday.  Well, It’s not a good sign when you’re turned into the wind, and think: “Hey, why don’t I just turn 90 degrees to this and go onto a beam reach,” and instead see that the windex doesn’t change direction.  I don’t know what the dang thing was measuring, but it certainly wasn’t wind direction.

Of course, I did see this 40+ foot ketch ghosting around, and I tried the same thing on several occasions, but no soap.  It’s a good thing that Hercules was operating nicely, because I had to turn him on several times trying to find the spot where I would catch the wind.  Of course, if there’s no wind to catch, that’s a losing proposition.

I saw a few other boats doing slightly better than me, but not much to talk about. I would say that heading back into the slip and getting everything packed up went better and more smoothly than usual, and that was nice.

Engine                                     60 minutes

Sails                                        Main and Genoa fully out

Chop, current                          Moderate

Wind                                       Almost none

Time                                       2.5 hours


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