To the Bay and Back

July 2, 2017

This sail started out very slow.  My wife and I headed out on Sunday, a day that promised lower winds.  And that’s what we seemed to have for the first hour or more of sailing.  First, the only wind was the apparent wind.  Finally, after deploying Hercules, we ended up in the middle of the river, we turned off the engine and waited.  I stayed on the leeward side to help us ghost along, while my wife generally stayed on the other side, or in the middle by the companionway, which worked out pretty well.  We noticed several boats doing better than we were doing — which is often par for the course.  One of them, named Trilogy, was tacking toward West Basin while we were heading in another direction.  We followed their tack after shifting direction, and after another hour to hour and a half, we found ourselves making slow progress toward the bay.

We encountered lots of high wakes from the powerboats, many of which seemed to have no regard at all for slower moving boats on the river.  But we were fine with them.  We sailed right past two sailing boats that were anchored almost at the entrance to the bay, and several other sailboats doing what we were doing.  We finally turned around when we were about parallel to the ringing buoy (number 1?) and made our way back.

Slowly, yet steadily, we ended up almost sailing into to the west basin.  Actually, we sailed into the breakwater, but immediately found ourselves in irons.  No matter: deploy Hercules, and head inexorably into C27: easy as pie.

Engine                                     45 minutes

Sails                                        Full sails

Chop, current                          Low

Wind                                       8-9 ish

Time                                       4 hours


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