Getting the Hang of It

July 4, 2017

With the exception of the osprey who very coolly dived in front of Ilya and snagged a fish from the school churning in front of us, it was a rather common sail.  Hercules was doing nicely, and after a very slow start, I decided to go full sail.   I began ghosting back and forth, with the goal of the bay but I wasn’t particularly confident I’d make it.  There was enough current flowing back toward the marina that I didn’t think I would ever get past it, but I decided that the whole patience thing was worth it, and after an hour or so, the wind picked up, and I gained a little speed.

Of course the sailboat racing dance happened as well.  An H26 boat was on my tail and with probably superior skill, eventually passed me.  At that point, with the wind being fickle again, I thought heading back toward the marina and perhaps another puff of air would be the way to go.  So I headed back and began to pick up speed, and thought, I wonder what would happen if I turned back toward the bay?  Well, besides making steady progress all the way to the bay and passing the bell buoy again, just a really nice sail.

The wind got a little higher as I returned, and I reefed the main for the last 20- 30 minutes before lowering all sail and returning to the marina and slip.

I only wish I was able to get a shot or movie of the osprey….

Engine                                     40 minutes

Sails                                        Full Sail

Chop, current                          Low to Moderate

Wind                                       Almost 0 to 9-ish

Current                                    Moderate

Time                                       4 hours


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