Just a Whisper

July 31, 2017

As the winds were going to be low, I didn’t expect to sail very fast today, and I didn’t.  But that was okay.  I just followed the winds as best I could, and still made it well into the bay.  I don’t think many other people did any better than I did, which was nice.  The current wasn’t particularly difficult to manage, either.

Of course, just as I was going back into the marina, I noticed other boats going out, and I think the wind might have been picking up as well.  Did I go out too early?  Maybe the next time I go out, I’ll try for later in the day, just to see if later afternoon is better for sailing.  I’m still new enough at this to believe that most people — particularly those with larger sailboats — probably know more about this than I do, so going out later might be the ticket.

Guess we’ll see on Wednesday.

Engine                                     30 minutes

Sails                                        Full Sail

Chop, current                          Low to Moderate

Wind                                        Low, up to 5 mph

Current                                    Light to moderate

Time                                        4 hours


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