Managing Just Fine

August 4, 2017

Good day out.  I went out at 9:30 am since I knew the winds was going to be getting high in the afternoon, and I didn’t want to be out when I wasn’t comfortable with the wind or chop.  As I motored out to the bay because of the very low winds, I decided to be out for about four hours, meaning I would sail two hours out, then the two hours back.  Once I raised the Genoa, I sailed very slowly into the bay, I had hoped to sail toward the buoy with the bell, but that would have been a much tighter angle toward the wind, so I kept up with a close reach and headed out probably more directly east than the buoy with the bell.

As I reached about one hour and 40 minutes or so, I decided the chop was just too high and scary, so I headed back.  The way back in was actually pretty nice.  I managed to work both sides of the boat alternately ghosting by sitting in the leeward side, or hiking out on the windward side.  I was happy I could manage the sails, not only reefing the main as necessary, but also playing with the Genoa, deploying more or less of it to control the luffing.  My guess is that this is what I am supposed to be doing, since when the luffing stops, the boat hunkers down and sails better.  This is probably something I was supposed to learn in ASA 101, but perhaps I wasn’t paying attention….

Engine                                     40 minutes

Sails                                        Reefed and Full Sail

Chop, current                          Moderate, up to 2 ½ feet

Wind                                       0 to about 10 mph

Current                                    Moderate

Time                                        5 hours



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